ABIL conference reports (and presentations)

ABIL conference reports (and presentations to download) from June 2016 to date can be found here:

September 2019 Conference – Brain Injury, Faith and Cultural Differences

June 2019 Technological innovation – improving life after brain injury

March 2019 AGM & Conference: Brain Injury and Mental Health

December 2018: Fostering Communication and Creativity following Brain Injury

September 2018: Opportunities and Initiatives after Brain Injury

June 2018 : Brain Injury a Lifelong Journey

March 2018 AGM & conference: Epilepsy after Brain Injury



December 2017 – ABIL 10 Year Anniversary Conference ‘Brain Injury in London – Now and in the Future’

September 2017: Opportunities and Initiatives after Brain Injury

June 2017 Conference: Concussion with focus on Sport

March 2017 AGM & Conference: Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation

December 2016: ABIL interactive Conference

September 2016: Improving the Pathway after Brain Injury

June 2016: Research and Brain Injury: ­Making a Difference