ABIL webinars – on 1st and 8th June – presentations and related information/links

ABIL hosted these webinars on 1st and 8th June, which were presented by Dr Jenny Brooks and Dr Keith Jenkins.

You can download the presentations below:

1st June –  ‘Living with Brain Injury During Covid-19’

This presentation was recorded and can be accessed HERE

The actual presentation can be downloaded here Living With Brain Injury – presentation

AND the additional resources here:

Activity Ideas Without Leaving Your House

– If you are worried about your mental health

 – Hand Washing Technique



8th June – ‘It’s okay to not feel okay’

– implications and ideas for supporting staff working with people living with brain injury during the Coronovirus pandemic’

You can download:

The presentation It’s Okay To Not Feel Okay – presentation

And the script (which includes the bibliography)  ‘It’s okay to not feel okay’

We thank Irwin Mitchell for their support.